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Homes for Sale in Puerto Rico: What to Know Before You Buy

Homes for Sale in Puerto Rico: What to Know Before You Buy

Puerto Rico's real estate market has been gaining momentum in recent years, marked by a rise in demand for both luxury properties and affordable homes. It is generally true that Puerto Rico has low-cost properties compared to the mainland United States. 

According to available data, housing in Puerto Rico is about 21% more inexpensive than in the United States. This includes various factors such as monthly rents for furnished accommodations in both expensive and normal areas, which are lower in Puerto Rico than in the United States. This affordability factor, along with the island's rich cultural heritage and beautiful beaches, makes Puerto Rico an enticing destination for potential homeowners and investors

In this blog, we will explore the things you need to know about navigating this dynamic market, including finding an Airbnb for sale in Puerto Rico. We'll delve into the unique attributes that make Puerto Rico a compelling choice for real estate investment and provide insights into making the most of your property search and purchase in this vibrant Caribbean island.

Key Takeaways

  • Puerto Rico's real estate market offers a variety of property types at prices generally lower than those in the mainland U.S., appealing to both affordable home seekers and luxury investors.
  • Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico provides comprehensive support throughout the buying process, from finding the right property to navigating legal and financial requirements.
  • The island offers significant tax incentives and benefits, enhancing the attractiveness of investing in Puerto Rican real estate.
  • With its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, Puerto Rico is an enticing destination for potential homeowners and investors looking for properties, including an Airbnb for sale in Puerto Rico, in vibrant neighborhoods like Condado, Dorado, and Ocean Park.

Understanding the Market: Types of Properties Available

The Puerto Rican real estate market offers a diverse range of properties, including many Puerto Rico homes for sale, catering to various needs and budgets. This includes single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and condos, each with its unique appeal and price range.

Property Type


Common Locations

Average Price Range

Single-Family Homes

Standalone homes offer space and privacy, available in various styles and sizes.

Island-wide, coastal to urban areas

Varies widely based on location and size.


Homes combine the space of single-family homes with the convenience of condos, often in community settings.

Residential communities

Varies; generally mid-range prices.


Range from modest to luxury units, popular in urban areas. High-rise apartments often offer city or coastal views.

Urban areas like San Juan

Varies, from affordable to high-end luxury.


It is popular near beaches and tourist areas, offering amenities like security and maintenance, pools, gyms, and social areas.

Tourist areas, beachfront locations

Wide range, from mid-range to luxury pricing.

Luxury Properties

High-end properties often feature exclusive amenities, larger spaces, and premium locations.

Dorado Beach, high-end neighborhoods

Typically in the higher price brackets.

How Can Our Company Help in the Buying Process?

Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico can be an invaluable asset when navigating the buying process in Puerto Rico, offering expert guidance and support at every step. Here's how Christie's can assist or provide tips on the various aspects of the process:

Engaging a Local Real Estate Agent

It's crucial to start your property search with the help of a knowledgeable local real estate agent. Our company can provide experienced local agents fluent in Spanish and English. They can guide you through the local market and assist in property identification and negotiation.

Identifying and Making an Offer on a Property

Once you find a property that matches your preferences and budget, you'll submit a written offer, usually a one-page document outlining the price and specific conditions. Our agents can assist you in finding properties that match your preferences and budget and help you draft and submit a competitive and realistic offer.

If the offer is accepted, a formal Purchase and Sale Contract or Option Contract (if you're obtaining bank financing) is issued for review and signature.

Good Faith Deposit and Escrow Arrangements

Upon signing the contract, you will be asked to provide a good faith deposit, typically 10% of the purchase price. This deposit secures the contract until closing. Escrow agents, often the seller's agent, are required by law to have a non-interest-bearing escrow account for such purposes.


If you need a mortgage, we can recommend reputable local and international banks and assist you in navigating the process. You'll need to meet certain eligibility criteria, like a satisfactory credit score and proof of income. Non-residents may face higher interest rates and larger down payments. Mortgage options include fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and government-backed loans.

Closing Process with a Notary

In Puerto Rico, the closing process involves a Notary, who is an attorney at law specializing in real estate. They are responsible for preparing and executing public deeds for the transaction, clearing title, and registering the deed. The Notary represents both the buyer and the seller at the closing. At Christie’s, we can also recommend trusted Notaries who specialize in real estate transactions.

Understanding Legal Requirements and Costs

Understanding the legal requirements for buying real estate in Puerto Rico is essential. This may involve different regulations and requirements compared to mainland U.S. Legal assistance from a knowledgeable real estate attorney can ensure compliance with local laws and smooth handling of the transaction. We can provide insights and tips on the legal requirements specific to Puerto Rico, helping clients avoid common pitfalls. 

Tax Incentives and Benefits

Puerto Rico offers several tax incentives and benefits, including Act 22 (Individual Investors Act) and Act 60, which provide significant tax exemptions and advantages. Property taxes are also relatively low compared to many U.S. states. With our knowledge about local tax incentives for buying a Puerto Rico home for sale, we can give the best advice on how these might apply to clients' situations. 

Property Registration

All real estate titles must be recorded based on the property's location, and proper registration is crucial. The closing Notary handles the submission of the Deed to the Registry officials. We can help you through the process or recommend experienced professionals to ensure that the property title is recorded correctly and in compliance with local regulations.

Choosing the Right Location

When choosing the right location for safety and lifestyle in San Juan, Puerto Rico, several neighborhoods stand out, each offering unique benefits and attractions. Christie's International Real Estate in San Juan, Puerto Rico, offers a variety of properties in several neighborhoods and nearby cities, each with unique characteristics and amenities. 


Known as San Juan's most luxurious district, Condado is a beautiful beachfront area with high safety, excellent walkability, and a variety of upscale hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. The area is a blend of glamorous residences, luxury condos, and guesthouses, perfect for those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle. Condado Beach is a popular spot for outdoor activities like paddle boarding and surfing​​​​.


Dorado is another great option, especially if you're looking for luxury. It's known for its upscale resorts, beautiful beaches, and golf courses, offering a secure and high-end lifestyle.

Ocean Park

Situated between Condado and Isla Verde, Ocean Park is known for its beautiful, low-key beaches and residential ambiance. The area is great for outdoor activities like windsurfing and kite-sailing. It's a neighborhood with a mix of Malibu, Spanish, and Caribbean architectural influences, offering a more laid-back beach lifestyle.

Isla Verde

Located near the airport, Isla Verde is part of Carolina but closely aligned with San Juan in spirit. It's larger than Condado and boasts a longer stretch of white-sand beaches. The neighborhood is popular among travelers who enjoy luxurious beachfront hotels and a wide array of amenities under one roof. It's also known for having some of the best beaches in San Juan.


This historic district is an upscale residential area with Spanish-style homes and luxury condos. It offers a more elegant neighborhood vibe with a mix of townhouse/condo and Spanish-style houses. Miramar is a family-friendly neighborhood and is close to various amenities like the Puerto Rico Convention Center and the Club Nautico de San Juan​.


As the largest and most populated neighborhood in San Juan, Santurce is known for its hip, artistic culture and luxury oceanfront real estate. It offers a big city atmosphere with fine arts institutions, vibrant nightlife, and a mix of cultural, artistic, and recreational attractions​.


These neighborhoods offer a more suburban feel, detached from the hustle and bustle of San Juan. They are home to several industries and are characterized by more residential lifestyles. The area boasts several restaurants and attractions and is close to nature's lush green spaces​.


As a larger area, including Isla Verde, Carolina is closely aligned with San Juan. It offers diverse neighborhoods, from luxurious beachfront locales to more suburban settings, providing a mix of lifestyles and amenities such as shopping centers and nearby parks.

Old San Juan

This historic district is the heart of San Juan, known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and cobblestone streets. It's a popular tourist destination with a variety of shops, restaurants, museums, and historical sites. Choosing Old San Juan homes offers a neighborhood with a unique blend of old-world charm with modern amenities, making it a desirable location for those who appreciate history and culture.


When considering buying a house for sale in Puerto Rico, it's crucial to understand the market's diversity. The market offers properties from affordable homes to luxury estates across various locations, including urban and coastal areas. The process involves engaging a knowledgeable local real estate agent, navigating legal and financing aspects, and understanding the unique transaction steps, including the involvement of a notary. Tax incentives and the island's rich culture and beautiful landscapes further enhance its appeal to potential homeowners and investors.

We at Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico are dedicated to enhancing client benefits and facilitating an efficient property transaction experience, reflecting our deep understanding of the real estate landscape in San Juan. Our focus is on high-end and seaside homes in San Juan and its lively surrounding areas. We are proficient in regions such as Condado, Ocean Park, and Isla Verde, offering customized solutions for purchasing, selling, and leasing distinguished properties. 

Whether you're seeking a luxurious beachfront home or a stylish urban residence, Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico is dedicated to helping you find your dream property. Contact us to begin your journey into Puerto Rican real estate's diverse and captivating world.


Is buying a house in Puerto Rico a good investment?

Several factors, including location, property condition, and current real estate market trends, can make buying a house in Puerto Rico a good investment. Puerto Rico offers a unique investment landscape due to its beautiful scenery, tourist attractions, and tax incentives for certain investors, making it attractive for both residential and rental purposes.

What do I need to buy a home in Puerto Rico?

You will need a valid ID, proof of income, and possibly a good credit score to secure financing. It's important to work with a local real estate agent and a lawyer who can help you navigate the local laws and regulations. Additionally, you will likely need to secure a mortgage approved by a local bank or financial institution unless you are paying cash.

Do you pay property taxes on homes in Puerto Rico?

Yes, property taxes are applicable on homes in Puerto Rico. The property tax rate is generally low compared to the U.S. mainland, and the calculation is based on a property's taxable value. However, there are exemptions and incentives available for primary residences, certain types of properties, and under specific conditions, which can significantly reduce the tax burden.


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