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St. Regis Puerto Rico Neighborhood Guide: Real Estate Journey for Potential Clients

Ever wonder what's in store for you at St Regis Bahia Beach Resort? Look no further if you are looking for your next home or rental in Bahia Beach. This community is designed to provide homebuyers with a unique sanctuary, whether they are looking for stunning oceanfront living or relaxed golf views. The opportunities for Bahia Beach Puerto Rico rentals are endless.

Located in the town of Rio Grande, a former coconut farm in the northeastern part of Puerto Rico, Regis Bahia Beach Resort offers beachfront and lush tropical surroundings. St Regis Bahia Beach is also located on Puerto Rico State Road 187. This road provides convenient access to the town of Rio Grande and the resort, making it relatively easy for visitors to reach the secluded beach by car.

Short History of Regis Bahia Beach

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The history of St Regis Bahia Beach is deeply tied to the natural and cultural history of Puerto Rico. The northeastern coast of Puerto Rico, where Bahia Beach is situated, was inhabited by the Taíno people long before the arrival of European colonizers. With the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1493, Puerto Rico became part of the Spanish Empire.

During the colonial period, Puerto Rico's economy relied heavily on agriculture, and the region around Bahia Beach was no exception. Sugar, coffee, and other crops were cultivated on plantations.

Modern Development

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The Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club underwent modern development from the late 20th century until 2008, about fifty years after Robert Trent Jones designed the layout. The resort was designed to blend luxury accommodations with the region's natural beauty.

In recent years, the resort has emphasized its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, working to protect the area's unique ecosystems, including wetlands and mangrove forests.

Location and Language at St Regis Puerto Rico

Just 30 minutes east of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, the resort is nestled along the island's northeastern coast. The proximity to San Juan makes it relatively convenient for residents and visitors to access Regis Bahia Beach Resort from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, the main airport serving Puerto Rico.

The primary language spoken in Puerto Rico is Spanish, but both Spanish and English are the official languages at Regis Bahia Beach Resort. English is widely spoken and understood, especially in tourist areas and businesses catering to English-speaking visitors. Many Puerto Ricans are bilingual, and you can often find signs, menus, and information in Spanish and English areas frequented by tourists.

The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico is the only Certified Gold Audubon International Sanctuary in the Caribbean. It offers unparalleled luxury living among natural beauty with its 2-mile crescent beach and El Yunque National Forest views, all within a stunning 483-acre nature preserve. The AAA also rated Bahia Beach as the first Five Diamond Resort and won a "Forbes Travel Guide five-star” award in Puerto Rico after St Regis Bahia Beach Resort redeveloped the private beach.

Housing Options in Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico

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The homes offered at Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico typically consist of luxury residences and villas within the resort's residential community. These homes are designed to provide an upscale, tranquil living environment in a stunning tropical setting. Here are some key details about the homes offered at Regis Bahia Beach:

Luxury Residences: The homes at Bahia Beach Resort are generally luxurious and well-appointed, featuring high-quality construction and upscale finishes. They often reflect a blend of tropical and contemporary architectural styles.

Scenic Locations: Many homes are strategically situated to take advantage of the resort's stunning natural surroundings, including views of the Atlantic Ocean and golf course.

Access to Resort Amenities: Homeowners can access the resort's amenities and services, including the golf course, spa, restaurants, and water activities.

Gated Community: Regis Bahia Beach is a gated community with controlled access, providing an extra layer of security and privacy.

Nature and Outdoor Activities: The residential community often provides opportunities for homeowners to explore the area's natural beauty with hiking trails, birdwatching, and other outdoor activities.

Real Estate Price: Since Regis Bahia Beach Resort has always been a luxury neighborhood with the finest amenities and butler services, much of the prices, including those for Bahia Beach Puerto Rico rentals, are reflected in it. Penthouse condos cost $5.4 million, while beachfront condos cost $1,360 per square foot. In the neighboring Rio Grande neighborhood, there are more reasonably priced possibilities outside of the Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico community, where $320,000 properties are available for purchase.

Regis Bahia Beach Resort Amenities

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Whether you are searching for luxury rentals or luxury homes, Regis Bahia Beach Resort is the best address you can find in Puerto Rico. With world-class property amenities, superb Regis Butler service, and facilities, your days at the resort will be unforgettable.

Regis Bahia Beach Resort offers a combination of natural beauty, world-class amenities, and a serene atmosphere. While specific details may change over time, here are some key features and offerings commonly associated with Bahia Beach Resort:

Luxury Accommodations: This Puerto Rico resort offers a range of luxurious accommodations, including villas, vacation rentals, beachfront suites, and family rooms. These accommodations often feature high-end amenities and beautiful views.

Regis Bahia Beach Golf Course: The resort features an 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr, known for its challenging play and stunning ocean and river views.

Iridium Spa: Guests can enjoy spa services at the Iridium Spa, known for its wellness and relaxation offerings, including massages, beauty treatments, and more.

Boat House: Bahia Beach features a boat house as part of its beach club amenities and is often a central hub for various water-related activities and sports. Some services and activities you can generally find at a boat house at a luxury resort like Bahia Beach include water sports rentals, guided excursions, equipment storage, and beach waterfront access.

Casa Grande: Casa Grande is a central and significant building on the resort property. It serves as the resort's central hub, offering various facilities and services to guests, including a lobby and check-in, restaurants, bars and lounges, and butler service.

Dining Options: The resort often provides an elevated dining experience, including restaurants and bars serving a range of cuisines. This includes Mediterranean-inspired options like Paros Restaurant, which offers fresh seafood, and Caribbean/international cuisine at Seagrapes Restaurant.

Tennis Courts: Tennis facilities are often available for those who enjoy the sport.

Concierge Services: The resort offers concierge services to assist with arranging tours, excursions, transportation, and other guest needs.

Nature and Outdoor Activities: Given its proximity to the El Yunque rainforest, the resort often offers guided nature hikes and outdoor adventures for guests interested in exploring the natural surroundings.

Event Facilities: The resort has event and conference facilities for weddings, meetings, and special events.

Conservation Efforts: Bahia Beach is committed to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, with initiatives to protect the natural surroundings, including adjacent wetlands and mangrove forests.

Regis Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico

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The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico is considered the best resort in Puerto Rico according to St Regis Puerto Rico reviews, with its sprawling, 139-room oceanfront property on the northeast side of the island. After several months of being closed due to the hurricane, the property completed a $60 million renovation to redesign and refurbish the guest rooms and suites completely.

St Regis Bahia Beach Resort offers a selection of luxury accommodations designed to provide guests with an upscale and comfortable experience in the beautiful surroundings of Puerto Rico. While specific details may evolve, luxury accommodations at this secluded Beach commonly include the following features:

Villas and Suites: Luxury accommodations at the resort may consist of various villa and suite options, each with unique characteristics. These accommodations often provide spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and a range of upscale amenities.

Scenic Views: Many luxury rooms offer views of the resort's natural surroundings, such as spectacular ocean views, river views, or lush tropical vegetation.

Butler Service: Depending on the specific accommodation and package, guests may have access to butler service, offering personalized assistance and service.

Exclusive Access: Staying at St Regis Bahia Beach Resort grants guests access to exclusive areas and property amenities within the resort.

Transportation at the Secluded Beach

The mode of transportation around Bahia Beach Resort includes several options, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are some of the common methods of transportation in the region:

Personal Vehicles: Many visitors choose to rent a car, especially if they plan to explore the island beyond the resort. Rental car agencies are available near the nearby Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and the hotel.

Taxis: Taxis are readily available and can be a convenient way to get around locally or for airport transfers. You can usually find taxis at the resort or request one through the resort's concierge.

Resort Shuttle: Bahia Beach offers shuttle services to transport guests to various points of interest, such as the nearby town of Rio Grande or the airport.

Walking and Biking: Within the property, walking and biking are popular ways to move around, as it's a relatively small and picturesque area with walkable paths and trails.

Tour Operators: Many tour operators provide transportation to and from the resort for specific excursions or activities.


Delve into the captivating world of St. Regis Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico, a place where natural beauty, luxurious amenities, and environmental conservation harmoniously blend. Ideal for those searching for relaxation, outdoor adventures, or a romantic escape, this area offers a distinctive and unforgettable experience for travelers and potential homebuyers.

Christie's International Real Estate invites you to discover your dream property in the opulent surroundings of St. Regis, Puerto Rico. Whether your goal is to find a permanent haven in this tropical paradise or to secure a stunning vacation home, our experienced team is prepared to guide you through the exclusive real estate options available. Our comprehensive knowledge and commitment to personalized service ensure that your journey to finding the perfect property in this exquisite locale is smooth and fulfilling.

Contact Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico today and begin your journey towards a luxurious escape at St. Regis Bahia Beach. Your dream of an idyllic retreat is within reach.

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