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Aerial shot of Palmas Del Mar

Palmas del Mar Neighborhood Guide: A Fusion of Luxury and Lush

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico, where the Caribbean breeze weaves stories of exploration, and the sun unveils a canvas painted in the colors of paradise! Nestled along Puerto Rico's captivating east coast, this isn't just a location; it's a lifestyle poised for revelation.

Whether you're pursuing a permanent sanctuary or a fleeting escape from the ordinary, Palmas del Mar beckons. Prepare to unlock the gateway to a world where every day is an adventure painted in hues of the extraordinary. Your tropical reverie is within reach - this community is a kaleidoscope where you belong.

Key Takeaways

  • Palmas del Mar in Puerto Rico is a master-planned community offering a blend of luxury living, diverse real estate options, and upscale amenities, making it a coveted destination for homeowners and investors alike.
  • With properties ranging from $429,000 to $6,500,000, Palmas del Mar caters to a broad spectrum of preferences and lifestyles. From beachfront estates to quaint getaways, all feature breathtaking ocean views and modern conveniences.
  • The community's extensive amenities, including championship golf courses, a full-service marina, direct beach access, and a variety of dining options, ensure an unparalleled lifestyle of leisure and luxury.
  • Safety and exclusivity are paramount in Palmas del Mar Villas, highlighted by gated access and 24-hour security, providing residents and visitors with peace of mind in this serene tropical paradise.
  • Palmas del Mar stands out for its commitment to sustainability and thoughtful development, enhancing its appeal as a real estate haven in the Caribbean and an idyllic setting for those seeking an exceptional living experience.

Palmas del Mar PR History

Palmas del Mar is a resort community on the island's southeastern coast in Humacao. It is one of the largest resort developments in the area and is known for its upscale amenities, beautiful landscapes, and various recreational activities. Beach Palmas del Mar is situated along the Caribbean Sea and is about 45 minutes from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

Throughout the ensuing decades, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, Palmas del Mar PR solidified its status as a premier destination, providing an excellent beach village. The development focused on careful planning, sustainability, and upscale amenities.

Palmas del Mar underwent extensive expansion and refinement as the years progressed, attracting a diverse mix of permanent residents, vacation homeowners, and discerning visitors seeking an exclusive and tranquil escape. As the 21st century unfolded, Palmas del Mar continued its trajectory of prosperity, enhancing its appeal with the addition of new construction of PR homes, beachfront condos, modern amenities, upgraded facilities, and a diverse array of recreational opportunities. 

Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico As A Real Estate Haven

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico, stands as one of the expansive master-planned communities in the Caribbean, spanning approximately 2,750 acres of land. As a vibrant community, Palmas del Mar Resort PR is an oasis for realtors, offering a diverse range of residences, including single-family and multi-family luxury homes, townhouses, apartments, and condos that attract clients seeking high-end residences. The community is considered a real estate haven for several reasons:

Diverse Property Types

Palmas Del Mar PR provides diverse property types, including luxurious Palmas del Mar villas, and offers continuous new listings and virtual tours, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. This diversity allows home buyers to find their dream home, from luxurious multi-family houses to individuals seeking maintenance-free condo living.

Exclusive Community

Palmas del Mar is a gated community with a strong priority on security and exclusivity. This controlled access and focus on safety appeals to clients seeking a secure and private living environment. The availability of Palmas del Mar villas adds to the allure, offering exclusive and upscale living options within the community.

Investment Potential

The elite real estate market in Palmas del Mar PR, especially with its Palmas del Mar villas, can present investment opportunities due to the community's popularity and the potential for property appreciation. Clients interested in primary residences and investment properties can take advantage of the realty at Palmas Del Mar.

Strong Community Development

Palmas del Mar has experienced thoughtful and planned development, contributing to a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing community. The inclusion of Palmas del Mar villas within this development enhances the community's appeal, providing luxurious living options for those seeking an exceptional lifestyle in Puerto Rico.

Home Features, Price, and Size Range at Palmas del Mar PR

Palmas del Mar offers a diverse range of homes to suit various preferences and lifestyles, with properties for sale ranging from $429,000 to $6,500,000. Whether you're looking for a cozy 1,578-square-foot residence with two bedrooms and two bathrooms or an expansive 7,000-square-foot property boasting eight bedrooms and nine baths, there's a home to cater to every need.

These residences share standard features, including open living spaces that showcase breathtaking ocean views. Each home is thoughtfully designed, encompassing family rooms. Some have game rooms, service rooms, offices, and bars. The first floor has top-of-the-line appliances in the kitchen, while the second floor typically hosts the master bedroom and bathroom. Residents can enjoy recreation areas such as pools, gyms, and ample parking spaces. Palmas del Mar PR offers a variety of choices to realize your ideal home, whether you're looking for an elegant beachfront estate or a quaint getaway.

Amenities and Activities offered at Palmas del Mar PR

Boasting an array of amenities and recreational opportunities, this coastal retreat offers residents an exceptional lifestyle. Let's explore the diverse features that make Palmas del Mar a distinctive and sought-after community.

Restaurants and Dining

Palmas del Mar features a variety of dining options, from casual beachside eateries to upscale restaurants, providing residents with diverse culinary experiences. Here are some of them: 

Cafe de La Plaza

Step into a culinary journey at Cafe de La Plaza, Palmas del Mar's oldest establishment since 1975. Evolving to showcase delectable Italian cuisine, the restaurant curates the most authentic Italian menu on the East Coast of Puerto Rico.

TROVA Coastal Kitchen - Wyndham Palmas Beach and Golf Resort

Indulge your senses at TROVA Coastal Kitchen, nestled beside a golden sand beach overlooking a picturesque golf course within the Wyndham Palmas Beach and Golf Resort. Renowned celebrity chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, in collaboration with Puerto Rico's own Chef Jukio Cartagena, bring to life an array of mouth-watering flavors that promise to delight your palate.

Chincho's Pizza & Beer

Experience a culinary adventure at Chincho's Pizza & Beer, where artisanal pizzas, wings, burgers, pasta, tacos, succulent meats, and fresh seafood await your taste buds. Complement your meal with a selection of draft beers for a satisfying and diverse dining experience.


Palmanova Plaza

This shopping and entertainment complex offers boutique stores, cafes, and other retail options for residents' convenience.

Neighborhood Amenities

The community features two championship golf courses, the Flamboyan Course, designed by Rees Jones, and the Palm Course, designed by Gary Player, that cater to avid golfers and those seeking a leisurely round.

Full-Service Marina

Palmas del Mar's full-service marina provides opportunities for boating, sailing, and other water activities.

Direct Beach Access

Residents enjoy direct access to pristine beaches, creating a perfect setting for sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports.


Multiple clubhouses within the community offer state-of-the-art fitness centers, diverse dining options, and spaces for community events.

Recreational Opportunities

Tennis and Racquet Club

Tennis enthusiasts can use the community's tennis and racquet facilities for casual and competitive play.


Scattered throughout the community, pools provide refreshing spots for relaxation and socializing.

Nature Trails

Palmas del Mar features nature trails and green spaces, inviting residents to enjoy outdoor activities like walking and jogging.


The Palmas Academy

Proximity to The Palmas Academy offers residents an excellent educational option, enhancing the family-friendly appeal of the community.

Where to Stay

Palmas del Mar, a stunning destination in Puerto Rico, offers a variety of welcoming accommodations catering to diverse preferences and needs. Here are some of the best establishments to stay in Palmas del Mar:

Park Royal Homestay Club Cala, Puerto Rico: Park Royal Homestay Club Cala is a quiet villa complex in Palmas del Mar. It's situated amidst two renowned golf courses, a tennis club, a beach club, a fishing village, a marina, and various restaurants. Its location provides a tranquil and exclusive environment for guests.

Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resort: This resort is highly rated, ranking as the second-best out of 21 resorts in Puerto Rico. Given the range of cuisines and cocktails available at the eight on-site restaurants and pubs, it is highly recommended that visitors stay there. Visitors can also enjoy the fitness center, infinity pool, and lazy river-style pool for fun and relaxation.

The Village at Palmas del Mar: The Village boasts an excellent location with easy access to multiple food choices and beach access. This convenience adds value for guests who prefer to have various dining options and beach activities within reach. These private villas are fully equipped, offering guests a homely and comfortable environment. The provision of essential amenities in a private villa setting offers a more personalized and intimate stay experience.


Palmas del Mar is typically warm and comfortable. Its average temperature remains fairly constant throughout the year, which rarely drop below 68°F or rising above 91°F during the year, usually ranging from 71°F to 89°F. This range suggests a constant warm temperature, making it perfect for pool and beach activities, particularly from early December to mid-April.


The neighborhood is designed with safety in mind, featuring gated entrances and a 24-hour security team. This comprehensive approach to security ensures a safe environment for everyone in the area. Whether residents are taking an evening stroll or visitors enjoy the community amenities, the consistent focus on safety is evident and contributes to the peaceful atmosphere.


Living in Palmas del Mar means waking up to a daily canvas painted with the vibrant hues of paradise. Beyond the opulent residences and diverse Puerto Rico real estate options, this community offers a harmonious blend of tropical allure and modern convenience. From world-class amenities, championship golf courses, and pristine beaches to a diverse culinary scene and a commitment to sustainability, Palmas del Mar embodies luxury living.

Embark on a journey to discover the essence of rich living with Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico. Whether you're seeking an exquisite oceanfront estate, a luxurious condominium, or a charming family residence, our expert team is poised to turn your dream home into a reality within the exclusive community of Palmas del Mar.

Let us guide you through a curated selection of exceptional real estate properties, each embodying the essence of sophistication and comfort. With a commitment to personalized service and an unparalleled understanding of the local real estate landscape, Christie's International Real Estate Puerto Rico invites you to explore a life of grandeur in one of the Caribbean's most coveted destinations. Your dream Palmas del Mar villa awaits—seize the opportunity to elevate your lifestyle with us.

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