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MEET Athena Aronson

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Meet Athena


Athena Aronson is an accomplished, Ivy-educated revenue strategist who blends comprehensive analysis with strategic market insight. Her body of work includes roles in the successful growth of category leaders like Noom, Trello, and, as well as key contributions to athena real estate–showcasing her ability to drive lucrative outcomes through comprehensive market analysis across various sectors.


Athena's expertise at athena estate extends beyond traditional market strategies; her track record demonstrates the versatility of her skillset. Her work with a globally recognized actor to establish a new brand underscores her versatility and ability to drive growth across different sectors by tailoring proven strategies.


At the core of Athena's approach is a deep commitment to analysis-driven, multichannel strategies that significantly enhance market reach and penetration. This approach has consistently delivered increased asset value and demand, even in the most challenging market conditions. Working closely with sales teams, Athena emphasizes the importance of data and analysis in crafting strategies that are not only effective, sustainable, and scalable.


Athena Aronson

Chief Operating Officer
1904 Calle McLeary, Ocean Park, San Juan 00911

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